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Available for Private Label for over 20 years

Gel Mani W/decals



Celebrating our 34th year in business, established in 1982.

We are a supplier of our own UV Nail Gels, all made in the USA with top quality raw m
aterials. We sell private label to large and small companies, packaged from 55 Gallon drums on down to 1/2 oz containers.

In the Cosmetic/Beauty world UV Nail Gels are very popular throughout the world. In fact, Armbruster Associates Inc. was instrumental in pioneering UV Nail Gels some 20+ years ago. UV Nail Gels are both beautiful and durable, creating a long lasting customer who is hooked on them.

For several decades, we have formulated, manufactured and sold UV Nail Gels to large, well known and small companies alike, including distributors through private label. Having sold thousands of drums of UV gels through the years, we are highly experienced with UV Chemistry and UV nail products. Our well established line of UV Nails Gels has been formulated and tested by our very own PhD UV Chemist & President/Founder.

Our stringent quality control program monitors the manufacturing process throughout to ensure the highest standards and quality. We are proud to say that all of our UV Nail gels are made in the USA.

We are unique to the nail industry in that, not only do we sell private label, but we can also make custom formulated products to meet your needs. Our team of highly trained Chemists specialize in meeting your requirements.

-Our UV Nail Gel Line-

"You may not know our name, but you know our products"

High quality, shine and great durability
NO need for a fiber primer, we have a built in adhesion package in our formula which saves time.
  • Basecoat
  • Calcium basecoat for strength
  • Thick builder
  • Thinner builder
  • Pink builder
  • Sheer pink builder
  • Ultra Thick White
  • Thick white
  • Thinner white
  • Blush Pink
  • Soft Pink
  • More Pink & Opaque
  • Pinkest Pink
  • Top Coat
  • Thinner Top Coat
  • Matte top coat
  • Soak off clears and colors
  • Shimmer gold additive-can be added to any gel
  • Colored gels- nail polish like soak off or regular
  • A beautiful pallet of colored UV Gels, Nail polish like in consistency, but true UV gels (Hybrids)
  • Soak off or Regular gels
  • UV and/or LED
  • Offering soon- color changing pigments
  • Many more
  • Nail polish, custom colors are made for your specific color assortment
*Custom formulated UV Nail Gels also available for an additional cost. Tell us what you are in need of and we will find it in our line or formulate just for your needs.

Our products cure with 36 watt, 9 watt UV lamps or LED.

Packaging available in large volumes(drums) for companies/distributors or smaller quantities for nail salons/distributors. 
Available for private label. We offer filling of containers or bulk packaging.

Please contact us for more information about our Private Label UV Nail Gels. We customize to fit your needs.

We are members of the Professional Beauty Association.

Armbruster Associates Inc.